Selling Your Muskoka Cottage or Home? – First Impressions & Smells That Don’t Sell

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Muskoka Real Estate Matters – By Maggie Tomlinson

Last week we took a closer look at the typical costs involved when buying real estate in Muskoka. This week let’s help sellers make the best first impressions and deal with the ‘Top 3 Smells’ that can turn buyers off.

When it comes to selling real estate, first impressions are absolutely crucial. Prepare your property for sale by staring with these simple tasks:

Outside – cut the grass, add some colourful flowers, clean the front door, and ensure that door hardware is not old or broken

Inside – declutter, do a thorough cleaning, and tackle all of those minor maintenance issues (make sure the light bulbs all work, that taps aren’t dripping, and caulk around sinks/tubs/showers if needed) 

Here are some more tips for sellers on how to deal with (and not just try to mask) today’s most common household odours:

Pets – Summertime and wet dogs certainly go together, but that doesn’t always leave a pleasant smell. Be sure to remove toys & pet beds before showings. For cat owners, keeping the litter box clean is a must. Pet hair should be swiffered or vacuumed regularly, and carpets steam cleaned as necessary. Fresh is always best!

Smoking – Try to smoke outside and away from the home/cottage as non-smokers will definitely notice.  A thorough cleaning of carpets, curtains, walls, and sometimes upholstered furniture too, is recommended. Cabinets and other surfaces should also be cleaned to remove any tar or nicotine residue. Hiring a professional cleaning company is always an option.

In The Kitchen – Cooking odours can linger, especially when cooking fish or using strong spices. Be careful about what you cook and when. Ventilate well and let in fresh air whenever possible. It’s also important to take out the garbage more often than usual to avoid any potentially unpleasant smells there.

Have high expectations of your realtor, ask questions & remember … unfortunately ‘smells don’t sell’ 🙂

Until next time – Happy Fresh Air & Sunshine – and happy buying and selling!


Maggie Tomlinson is a professional Real Estate Broker with Chestnut Park Real Estate Limited, Brokerage, serving her clients from the heart of Muskoka. Maggie has successfully been actively marketing and selling cottages, homes, vacant land and commercial properties for years.
If you have any questions about buying or selling, your answers are always just a phone call or email away.
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